Sunday, October 20, 2013

Postcard monologue

Postcard Monologue

If I am a postcard, I will certainly take pride for being an institution in the field of communication

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I have existed and survived for decades and decades now. Though there has been several medium swarming in the community, my value cannot be understated.

At first, I was used as a medium to carry simple notes and keep relatives and friends connected. I can break distance, run a mile, swim across oceans and fly underneath the horizon to give your dear ones timely message and the usual his and hellos.

As years pass by, I was a bit depressed by the fact that I almost was forgotten by the people who once adored me. They shifted to the modern means made available for them. This fact made me sad. I was there longing for the attention to return by all means.

To my delight, the discovery of incorporating pictures and images gave me my most wanted return to the limelight. With the innovation, I looked stunning and entertaining. Landscape, seascape, still life name it, I got them in my face. Funny, inspirational, satirical, enthrallingwhoa! I can handle them all!

Nowadays, I still am embracing the limelight


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