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POSITIVE ATTITUDE A WAY to Manage Pressure in positively to thrive on it

With the ever-increasing competition, there is mounting stress and anxiety in an individual life. Stress is a state of affair, which absorbs both the corporal and the psychological oomph. The normal physical and mental health of a personage can be under stress not just owing to state of affairs which are adverse but also due to the over burdening of an individual. Stress as defined in medical terms can be stated as disturbances in the body homeostasis. When an individual strives hard to make a position for one in these relentless alterations, which are not in his hands, the situation of stress occurs. Stress can lead to headaches, eating disorder, sleeping disorder, asthma, ailments related to heart, recurrent cold and fatigue and in extreme cases; it may also lead to cancer.

The situations of extreme stress are injurious for the human beings as stated by the psychologists. Usually people attribute all the negativity with the term stress. But this stress can be also a blessing in disguise as it can alter an individual and make him work efficiently under the condition of stress as competition demands. With the hurried miscellaneous activity of an individual, one is bound to face the various origins of anxiety and depression.

Numerous causes of stress and anxiety can be failure of a relationship or physical or mental ailments, excess of workload at the place of work, fulfilling the deadlines of the work and sneering traffic. In adolescents, the prime reasons of stress can be peer pressure, communication gap between the children and the parents owing to the generation gap and it could also be due to various hormonal changes that take place in the body of child, whether it is a boy or a girl. When these conditions are unfavorable, the amounting stresses piles and make situation all the more worse. Different people adopt different methods to meet out their anxieties and manage the conditions of stress. It is the prerequisite to understand the cause of the stress and manage it well so as to minimize its all down beating effects. The problem of stress, anxiety, melancholy and depression is mainly found in the urban people.

However, there are plenty of methods of coping up with the conditions of stress. The most effective of relieving an individual from the situation of stress is altering the lifestyle of an individual. Meditation, yoga, physical exercises, long walks, breathing exercise and listening relaxing instrumental music, massage and several other methods like naturopathy and alternative techniques which are also known as stress busters, help in curbing the menace of this ever increasing problem of stress, anxiety and depression.

Change in the attitude of an individual, that is how he perceives the situations around him also makes a difference to an individual. If the person has a pessimistic view of life, the individual is bound to be more under the influence of stress, which is a slow killer. The person should practice meditation and attend motivational talks so as to give a new bend to the mind. To engage oneself in all the recreation activities and charity is also the best way to give our mind and thoughts a moral boost. Once the negativity of your mind is shed off, the individual can effectively overcome the effects of stress and can make his body and soul both strong and healthy.

Furthermore, taking proper diet is also an effective way of stress management. Food is the fuel of our body and is needed by an individual to carry out various body functions. All nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats are needed by the body for its normal functioning. Sound sleep is also an effective method of making your mind and body relaxed as sleep makes an individual charged up for the day ahead. However, stress management is effective only if the individual exercises self-control for the endurance of success.


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